Equipment Edit

Equipment items are passive bonuses that are equipped in the 1st and 2nd item slot. Most equipment items are created by Esis at the Shop.

Name Class Cost Effects:
Memory Ring C 60x Crimson Stone, 20x Azure Stone Increase Empathy by 2. Increase Myth Beast's damage by 10%.
Commanding Badge C 80x Crimson Stone Increase Power by 2. Increase Morale by 10.
Feather Boots C 100x Azure Stone Increase Agility by 3. Increase Movement by 3.
Safety Charm C 50x Crimson Stone, 50x Azure Stone Increase Endurance by 3. Decrease damage taken by 10%.
Pearl Pendant C 60x Crimson Stone, 60x Azure Stone Increase resistance to abnormal statuses by 30%. Increase Endurance by 2.
Crystal Armguard B 320x Azure Stone, 3x Aquarius Charm 40% chance to cast Freezing Nova when hit. Decrease damage taken by 10%.
Veteran Badge B 250x Crimson Stone, 120x Azure Stone Increase experience gained by 25%. Increase Morale by 10.
Alchemist Stone B 200x Crimson Stone. 200x Azure Stone. 8x Rainbow Stone Increase effectiveness of usable items by 50%. Increase Empathy by 3.
Berserker Soul B 300x Crimson Stone, 5x Garnet Increase Power by 3 and Attack Speed by 2. Decrease Endurance by 1.
Assassin Bracelet B 200x Crimson Stone, 100x Azure Stone, 3x Poison Blossom Causes enemies to be poisoned dealing high damage for 5 seconds on hitting an enemy. Increase Dodge rate by 6.
Divine Rosary A 600x Crimson Stone, 6x Holy Water 40% chance to cast Judgment when hit. Increase Endurance by 2. Decrease damage taken by 10%.
Deep Blue A 600x Azure Stone, 9x Aquarius Gem Add a chance to freeze enemies for 3 seconds on hitting an enemy. Increase Agility by 2.
Lady Luck A 200x Crimson Stone, 200x Azure Stone, 7x 4-Leaf-Clover Increase item drop rate by 30%. Increase Dodge rate by 5.
Cursed Pendant A 100x Crimson Stone, 500x Azure Stone, 4x Vampiric Contract Convert some damage inflicted into health. Increase Power by 2. Disables natural health recovery.
Arcane Earrings A 340x Crimson Stone, 340x Azure Stone, 4x Shapely Gem Convert some damage inflicted into Energy. All beasts attacks inflict 15% extra damage. Disables natural energy recovery.
Power Overwhelming S 2000x Crimson Stone, 4x Doom Stone Increase Power by 8.
Mirage Boots S 1500x Azure Stone, 4x Illusionary Mirror Increase Movement to maximum. Increase Dodge rate by 20. Increase Agility by 2.
Gaia Vest S 950x Crimson Stone, 950x Azure Stone, 6x Forest Wing Increase Endurance by 4. 40% chance to cast Grand Cosmos when hit. Decreases damage taken by 10%.
Dragon Heart S 700x Crimson Stone, 500x Azure Stone, 4x Dragon Eye Increase Empathy by 5. All beasts attacks deal 50% extra damage.
Grim Reaper S 666x Azure Stone, 4x Shinning Skull, 6x Poison Blossom Causes enemies to be poisoned dealing extremely high damage for 5 seconds on hitting an enemy. Gain immunity to Poison. Increase Agility by 3.
Zodiac Master - Cannot be created. On Lucid Dream difficulty, raises all primary attributes by 5. On Nightmare difficulty, raises all primary attributes by 10 instead.

Usable Items Edit

Usable items are consumables that may be selected in the 3, 4, 5, or 6th item slots. They all have one time use per item, though extras of a consumable will be automatically re-equipped after a level if used, in the same slot. Most consumable items are created by Esis at the Shop.

Name Class Cost Effect
Azure Breeze C 10x Azure Stone For one level, enemies will only drop Azure Stones.
Crimson Gust C 10x Crimson Stone For one level, enemies will only drop Crimson Stones.
Healing Vial C 50x Crimson Stone, 30x Azure Stone Recovers 30% Health.
Wild Talisman B 40x Crimson Stone, 40x Azure Stone, 1x Poison Blossom Summons a Forest Spirit, which can cast Nature Pulse and inflicts very strong poison to all enemies.
Fairy Dust B 80x Azure Stone, 1x Aquarius Gem Summons an Arctic Spirit, which can cast Arctic Lance and has a low chance to freeze enemies.
Energy Vial B 40x Crimson Stone, 60x Azure Stone Recovers 40% Energy.
Adrenaline Rush A 100x Crimson Stone, 1x Garnet Summons a Magma Spirit, which can cast Flame Rage.
Golden Apple A Cannot be created. Throws an apple that, on contact, reduces an enemy's HP to 75% of its current level and then deals damage based on Rider level.
Refresher A 130x Crimson Stone, 130x Azure Stone Recovers 40% Health and 40% Energy.
Life Stream S 100x Crimson Stone, 1x Life Seed Become immune to all normal damage for 15 seconds.
Chrono Matter S 100x Azure Stone, 1x Time Lock Lock all enemies in time for 10 seconds, preventing them from performing any actions.
Soul Refresher S 400x Crimson Stone, 400x Azure Stone Recovers all Health and Energy.

Miscellaneous Items Edit

Miscellaneous items are acquired as random drops from enemies or bosses. They are exclusively used to make Equipment or Consumable items.

Name Description
4 Leaf Clover A rarely found clover. Can bring luck to its carrier. Used to make Lady Luck (7).
Aquarius Gem A gem that seems to absorb the heat around it. Used to make Fairy Dust (1), Crystal Armguard (3), or Deep Blue (9).
Doom Stone A stone that holds tremendous energy. Used to make Power Overwhelming (4).
Dragon Eye An eye of a dragon. Used to make Dragon Heart (4).
Forest Wing A pair of wings that can blend space. Used to make Gaia Vest (6).
Garnet A crimson stone that can emit intense heat when rubbed. Used to make Berserk Soul (3) or Adrenaline Rush (1).
Holy Water A flash of shining water. Used to make Divine Rosary (6).
Illusionary Mirror A magical mirror that can blend light in a strange way. Used to make Mirage Boots (4).
Life Seed A seed that pulses with a life stream. Used to make Life Stream (1).
Poison Blossom A beautiful but deadly poisonous flower. Used to make Wild Talisman (1), Assassin Bracelet (3), or Grim Reaper (9).
Rainbow Stones A patch of colourful stones. Used to make Alchemist Stone (5).
Shapely Gem An oddly shapely gem that has mystical power. Used to make Arcane Earrings (4).
Shinning Skull An ancient skull that keeps emitting deadly poison. Used to make Grim Reaper (3).
Time Lock A mysterious hourglass that holds power over the flow of time. Used to make Chrono Matter (1).
Vampiric Contract A contract written in blood. Used to make Cursed Pendant (4).